The primary attraction of VoIP is its affordability in comparison with traditional landlines. Voice Over IP, or VoIP, is more cost effective because unlike landline providers, VoIP providers don’t need to tack on the service charges, taxes, and other fees that drive up customers’ phone bills. Many residential customers who have switched from traditional landlines see their bills reduced by as much as 50 percent. Our services cover the following:

Mobility Services

Mobilize your enterprise and change the way you conduct business. Receive real-time information to help accelerate almost any process: Our PBX provide for remote connection wherever you are. Staff can connect to the office network seamlessly to share information, hold conference meeting, charting etc.


PBX Hosting Services

Our highly sophisticated platform provide hosted services for your PBX so you do not need to worry for acquisition of any equipment, devices, maintenance and resources personnel to manage your environment. With our PBX Tenancy hosted option you can receive phones calls and make calls 24 hours, this reduces your operating cost.

Call Centre Management

We provide services for call centre management on a rental basis. We call center rental services as well as manage organizations call center.

Unified Communications

Collaborate in today’s work anywhere world. Using a multi-vendor approach, we help bring together instant messaging, conferencing, email and voice calling for seamless communications. Extend functionality to mobile devices with our “any application to any device” approach.

CRM Integration

We can integrate your 3CX PBX with your Microsoft Dynamics and other known CRM applications subject to limitation of functionality of